Is Ted Cruz Eligible for the Presidency

Donald Trump has recently questioned whether his GOP rival, Senator Ted Cruz is eligible, under the Constitution, to serve as President of the United States. Cruz was born in Canada. His mother was a U.S. citizen, but his father was a Cuban national. Had both of Cruz’s parents been U.S. citizens, his eligibility would be clear. However, given his foreign birth with only one U.S. citizen parent, Cruz’s eligibility is a matter of some controversy. Continue reading “Is Ted Cruz Eligible for the Presidency”

New York Values

During the January 2016 Republican debate, Ted Cruz repeated his claim that Donald Trump possessed “New York values,” that presumably distinguished him from Republican voters in America’s heartland–particularly those in Iowa– where the first actual clash among the candidates would take place.  Cruz had been making this claim while campaigning in Iowa and Trump had practiced his rebuttal which he delivered with great effect during the televised debate.  Trump declared that New York values were best exemplified by the police and fire fighters of the city on 9-11 and by the rebuilding of the city in the wake of the terror attacks of that day.    Trump’s response was widely seen as extremely effective.  New York’s democratic mayor hailed Trump for his defense of the city; the New York Daily News urged Cruz to “drop dead,” and Cruz spent the next several days on the talk show circuit explaining what he had meant–usually not a good sign. Continue reading “New York Values”